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APK logotipas (EN)

The Academic Club of Political Scientists was established in 1995 by an initiative of Vytautas Magnus University students (at the time, it was called the Club of Young Political Scientists). This club attracts not just the students and scholars of political science: students, lecturers and alumni of economics, informatics, arts, social sciences and the humanities also gather here to discuss matters of political life and social issues. They also hold seminars that tackle questions relevant to society. With its activities, the club seeks to encourage the building of a civil society in Lithuania, as well as raise the political culture of academic youth. Seminars and lectures are an integral part of the club’s activities.

The Academic Club of Political Scientists promotes the creation of civil society in Lithuania, raises the political culture of academic youth, propagates studies of political sciences, provides the members of the club with an opportunity to meet famous politicians, political scientists and public figures and get to know them firsthand.

The main project of the year is the students’ olympics of political science. Discussions and seminars with famous politicians and public figures are held, Politically-themed talks with lecturers or among the members themselves take place every week. Also, for the academic community, the game “Think Fast” is being organized two times a year.

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